Dwight Loop's performance have occured in such fantastic spaces including the Santuario de Guadalupe Church in Santa Fe, Grace Cathedral in San Francisco, Kimo Theater, Albuquerque, Greer Garson Theater, Santa Fe, The Kitchen, NY and Roseland Ballroom, NY. This will be an ever changing collage. Lighting, staging, video presented for various events .

Also, a special tribute to those I have played with who have moved onto a much larger stage.

Two of these friends were from New Mexico, Craig Ellis 1960-1990, was a very large contributor to my early "Earwaves" public radio programs on KUNM-FM. His "import" collection was enormous, turning me on to so many, many European and Asian electronic music artists of the early 1970s. Craig was a friend and big customer of Archie Patterson's Eurock Distribution (still going strong!) as well as constantly ordering music from Greenworld Distribution. Craig had a great ear had a two room album LP collection. A member of Zeta Reticuli, our Prophet Pro One driven electronic group in 1977-1979, Craig played a Micro Moog and altered electric guitar. Thank you Craig, whose alias was, are you ready? Lemon Picasso.

Dan Wilcox 1951-2001, was responsible for all of the visual presentation equipment and control for many of my New Mexico electronic music ensemble peformances with the Circuits events at the Kimo Theater, Keller Hall at UNM, and others. A tireless supporter and mover and shaker....RIP DW.

Tropozone live concert photos as part of the Synapse Electronic Arts Series 2005-2006 held at Cobalt Sun, Sausalito, CA. Tropozone: Dwight Loop, Scott Railsback, Ray Regan, Lee Howard, Stara, Justin Parker, Arnold Bodmer. Two concerts in two years at Synapse.

Tropozone - Live in concert at the Synapse Electronic Arts Series 2005 at Cobalt Sun Gallery, Sausalito, CA. Musicians: Dwight Loop, synth, Justin Parker, winds, percussion, Ray Regan, guitar, Lee Howard, bass, Sara Drew, vocals, Scott Railsback, didjerido and percussion.